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Knowing When it’s Time to Renovate your Restaurant 

Is It Time to Renovate at the time?

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Restaurant

Outdated Design and Décor

Surprisingly, one of the top factors that influence customer satisfaction is the interior design of a restaurant. Unattractive and outdated décor schemes can leave a bad first impression on guests and can also effect their perception of customer service and of the quality of the food being served. Keeping your restaurant’s décor up to date is an essential part of keeping customers satisfied and returning.

Health Risks

Probably the most important reason to consider a restaurant renovation is to prevent health risks and hazards such as asbestos and mold. Asbestos is commonly found in the insulation of older buildings and is especially dangerous as exposure can lead to fatal illnesses including lung cancer and pneumoconiosis. Mold is also a common threat in kitchens due to their high humidity and moisture levels.

Ambiance and Comfort

A restaurant needs to be a relaxing and pleasant space for its patrons. Old and damaged furniture, lack of intimate dining space and poor layout can create uncomfortable dining experiences. Simple things like paint colour, lighting and fixtures can significantly impact a restaurants ambiance and the overall comfort of its clientele.  People dine out to enjoy themselves, if your customers aren’t at ease when they visit your restaurant it’s time to renovate.


Functionality of Space

The location of restaurant elements such as the seating area, hostess stand, circulation spaces, kitchen and bar all contribute to the efficiency of a restaurant. If servers can’t quickly get to the kitchen or if POS stations aren’t easily accessible this will highly effect the service flow and timing. When deciding if a restaurant renovation is necessary always consider the functionality of your space, is your restaurant functioning at it’s highest level?